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You too can be the queen of your kitchen!
Dress your food with spice and flavor.

Fresh scotch bonnet chili peppers, onions, juiced ginger, and horseradish root create a symphony of flavors that will truly make any dish orgasmic. 

Shaquanda uses the freshest farm grown ingredients - from the farm to Shaquanda’s commercial kitchen in Brooklyn NY where Shaquanda’s Hot Pepper Sauce is handmade and hand filled into every bottle.  We support local farmers whenever we can and strive to use only the finest organic and biodynamic ingredients. 

What to do with this sauce you ask?  Pour it over your eggs!  Spread it on your meat!  Rub it into your fish!  Pat it deep into your mystery meat.  Shaquanda’s sauce works great with faux meat – seitan, tofu, you name it!  Make a delicious spicy aioli – add some Shaquanda to your mayonnaise and mix to your liking.  Spice up your ketchup – mix some 'quanda here and there for an excellent dipping and/or grilling sauce.  Shaquanda’s Hot Pepper Sauce is so versatile you can add it to just about anything – or everything!

Manufactured in a facility that uses nuts.

80 58th Street #302
Brooklyn, NY 11220 

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